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Our purpose is to create international opportunities for the people of Cameroon and other countries citizens’ resident in Cameroon by teaching them a new language as well as improving them, making it easy for every candidate to integrate fully in life’s activities and bringing them closer to international qualifications..

Our work in English supports local Cameroon’s population through English language courses. Teaching other languages like German and Spanish helps prepare Cameroonian students for international universities across the world. In the field of Education, we offer University Pathways thereby significantly reducing the cost of UK and other international qualifications, for example, a student can do levels 1 and 2 of foreign University studies with us at less than 15% the cost of studying abroad.

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Who We are


Retraining the existing work force is very vital and we are working with other partners to ensure that existing professionals can keep hold of their professional competencies while constantly improving to match the changing times.

We have highly qualified teachers and blend them with native speakers in other to bring the best to our students. We use modern teaching methods and our premise is arguably the best in terms of its location and accessibility. In terms of teaching and learning materials, we constantly evolve in bringing updated teaching and learning materials to our students.

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Our Service

We offer a varity of solutions in the academic portfolio such as Language Programs, Visa Councelling, IT . In this endeavour, we are prepared to enhance and assist our students and clints to the best of our abilities. We are available on social media support, we provide International School Placement services.


We are the first TOEFL Testing Center in the South West Region of Cameroon,
We also offer classes and registration for said mention and other english proficiency programs.

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